Stars & Stripes Boer Goat Sale

When: Saturday, July 4, 2020 at 11:00 AM

Where: Payette County Fairgrounds, New Plymouth, ID

Online Bidding: Willoughby


Auctioneer: Pit Kemmer

Lot 20
River Legacy Annie Oakley (10802466)
DOB: 1/26/2019

We love this doe!  She is everything we want in our program and she will be for you too.  She's big, wide in her chest, tracks out square and look at that badonkadonk!  Oakley has a killer pedigree too!  She is ......

SOLD!  Going to California

Lot 78
River Legacy Cherry's Delight (10804095)
DOB: 2/2/2019

Feast your eyes on this big, beautiful doe!  Deep bodied, long, level, wide across the top and smooth in her chest floor!  River Legacy Cherry's Delight is a genetic powerhouse which translates beautifully in a combination of muscle and bone and .......

SOLD!  Going to Oregon