SRMGA Production Sale

When: Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 12:00 PM MT

Where: Payette County Fairgrounds, New Plymouth, ID

Online Bidding: DVAuction


Lot 11
River Legacy Starburst (10820127)
DOB: 5/27/2019

Here is a cool little doe who has us intrigued.  She is wide end to end and Oh, is she ripped!  We are keeping her dam and her twin sister, otherwise, we wouldn't part with her.  She is out of a black and white paint doe who is the daughter of a black headed buck.  Starburst's sire is TST1 Windy Acres Party Down who is out of TST1 Windy Acres Triple D *Ennobled* over a ROR1 EGGS Fixin' to Party *Ennobled* daughter.  There is so much potential here!  Teats 1x1 with a couple harmless nubs, pigment and bite are good

Lot 43
Rock Garden Boers T Mercedes Benz (10682057)
Purebred 99.0%
DOB: 12/7/2014

If you are looking for an experienced doe to add a little color and class to your program, look no further!  Mercedes is a big, deep bodied, regal doe.  She sells exposed to TST1 Windy Acres Party Down (10742797).  You can't go wrong here!  Teats 1x1 with a couple harmless nubs, 100% Pigment, Bite good

Lot 58
River Legacy Party Doll (10802885)
DOB: 2/5/2019

Take a look at this flashy girl!  Party Doll has an exciting pedigree and some bling to go with it.  She is long, level and has a pretty head and horn set.  She is a little green right now but promises to be a big doe.  Her bite and pigmentation are perfect.  Her teat structure is somewhere between A5 and D3 on the ABGA chart and will probably be subject to a judge's opinion.

Lot 90
River Legacy Status Symbol (10763277)
Purebred 99.0%
DOB: 9/16/2017

Status Symbol brings the best in Pacific Northwest genetics together in one stout, broody package.  She sells exposed to TST1 Windy Acres Party Down (10742797) and will make a fine breeding piece in your herd.   Teats 1x2, 100% Pigment, Bite good