English Shepherds

About the Breed

The English Shepherd is a highly intelligent, all-around farm dog, being used as a herding dog, livestock guardian, farm watch dog, hunting dog, vermin eradicator and a child's companion. English Shepherds were not bred to be specialized to work one type of livestock as some recent herding dogs have been. English Shepherds were bred to do many tasks on the small diversified farms of the 17th through early 20th centuries that had various types of livestock including cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, and fowl. It may have been the most common breed in America during the 19th and early 20th century.

Our Dog

It didn't take very long for us to realize that it would make life easier if we were able to use a herding dog to help manage our Boer goat herd.  When we decided it was time for us to get another dog we did a great deal of research to decide what kind of dog we wanted to get.  We learned about the English Shepherd breed and decided it was the ideal fit for our family.  We bought Orchard Hill "puppy" in 2018 and fell in love immediately.